Raquel Mendes
Blind Spot I, 2005
Lambda print, 85x60 cm
Blind Spot II, 2005
Lambda print, 90x60 cm
Blind Spot III, 2005
Lambda print, 84x60 cm
Blind Spot IV, 2005
Lambda print, 83x60 cm
Blind Spot V, 2005
Lambda print, 92x60 cm
Untitled, 2006
Lambda print, 110x113 cm
It doesn´t help, 2006
video, 7'35''

The video shows an adverse situation where the characters confront each other and negotiate in a very perverse way, always looking for a way t ...
Way Out, 2006
Lambda print, 85x85 cm
Untitled, 2007
Video, 1'30''

The expression, “I feel naked” that someone says when they try to explain that they are too exposed and therefor unconfortable and vulnerable is take ...
Naked Nature, 2007
Lambda print, 110x126 cm
Dualities, 2007
Double projection, 30'00'' in Loop

In this video the scale (known as a symbol of justice, measure and balance) works as the translator of the persons actions. Whe ...
Still Life I, 2007
Lambda print, 125x134 cm
Still Life II, 2007
Lambda print, 125x135 cm
Still Life III, 2007
Lambda print, 125x136 cm