Nina Hoffmann
Installation view of "Ein Bild" (An Image) at the exhibition "Words and Images Drink the Same Wine" at After the Butcher-Ausstellungsraum für zeitgenössische Kunst und soziale Fragen, 2015

Ein Bild (An Image), collaboration with Kathrin Sonntag
3-channel-slide show of 243 text, color and black and white slides, 2015

Press Release written by Akiko Bernhöft:
What happens to photographs of which you simply can't remember the reason for taking them? That's right. They disappear into the archive and carve out an existence there in secret.

In the collaborative work "Ein Bild" (An Image), however, those play the leading role: Sorted by jointly determined and stubbornly numbered categories Nina Hoffmann and Kathrin Sonntag scoured their extensive picture archives. The selected photographs allow a humorous glance into the two artist's practice. "Ein Bild" is fed by the perpetual production chain of seeing, recording, selecting or discarding. For example the category "An image that shows something other than what was intended”, addresses the accidental circumstances of the images; this "knapp-daneben" category ("close but no banana") allows to show something different, more spontaneous, rather weird. The slide show unfolds as a narration apart from ordinary conventions, revealing something hidden in two ways: the work is more than just images that normally aren't shown - the work deliberately plays with the interstices, gaps and overlaps which arise, when two artists each choose an image to a common subject. With "An Image" Nina Hoffmann and Kathrin Sonntag enter into a dialogue not only about their friendship, but about the act of making, seeing and showing photographs.