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Artnews.org is free. Since 2001 we work consistently an alternative non-profit platform for art people to explore, publish and exchange information on contemporary art. Collaborative work and free content creation enable Artnews.org to provide a comprehensive resource for professional and educational research. You can register and contribute too.

we feature
- free services for artists, authors and curators
- free services for institutions and galleries
- free exhibition calendar
- free editorial assistance 
- free accessible archive

we wish
- to create an overview
- to bring art people closer
- to be useful

past future
- development at University of the Arts Berlin: 2001-2003
- launch at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin: 11 Dec 2003
- international launch at ICA Moscow: 22 May 2004
- launch of the exhibition calendar in Berlin and London: 2005
- launch of the exhibition space Artnews Projects in Berlin: 2006-2010
- relaunch from Artnews.info to Artnews.org: 2008

All rights for materials, images and texts presented on Artnews.org belong to the artists and authors.

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