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Michael Hischer

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The kinetic sculptures of Michael Hischer are designed for the outdoor space. They are made of stainless steel and aluminium. The moving elements are attached centrally to the axles by groove ball bearings. They are so accurately weighted that even the slightest breeze will set them into motion.

Finely balanced, the wings seem to find their centre weightlessly and thereby demonstrate that in their innermost, they are assigned to meditation.

Kinetic sculptures are four-dimensional, and when their wings randomly and unpredictably glide through the air, they also deal with the passing of time. They describe time that elapses in the motion. Ease, equilibrium and balance are their theme, deceleration their essence.
They appear to waste so pointlessly what seems to be of utmost importance to us today – time.

Michael Hischer

1955 born in Pinneberg, Germany

Lives and works in Betzin Near Fehrbellin, Germany





Michael Hischer

16833 Betzin/ Fehrbellin

033922 - 90 623
033922 - 90 627


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