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Masayo Kajimura

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AQUA EPHEMERA is an ongoing audiovisual project on water. Initiated together with the composer Yasuno Miyauchi at a residency at Nodar Artist Residency Center in 2010, the first outcome is an audiovisual installation presented at "Paivascapes #1" in March 2011. The installation consists mainly of underwater images and sounds of the Paiva river, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, and water images and sounds from other places are blended in. The concept was to articulate the beauty and strength of the flow and circulation of water, as it travels around the world and through us.
The umbrella shaped installation consists of an paper-gauze screen and a piezoelectric speaker.

Masayo Kajimura

1976 born in Berlin, Germany

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany


2005-2006 research at IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences) Gifu/Japan
2004 M.A. in cultural studies and art history at Humboldt-University Berlin


artist in residence stipend from Nodar Artist Residency Center/ Portugal

project grant for film project “Home Affairs” by the Zeit Foundation
artist in residence stipend in the artist house Lukas in Ahrenshoop/ Germany by the Zeit Foundation and the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

project grant for the video dance piece “La place mystérieuse” by the Japanese Fund for the Promotion of the Arts and Culture and by the EU Japan Fest

research stipend of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

exhibition grant for the video art exhibition “Screen Fields” by the German IFA (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) and the Japanese Nomura Cultural Foundation

three months working stipend of the video and film section of the women artists program of the City of Berlin

Solo Exhibitions

„Masayo Kajimura: Filme und Gespräch“ b_books, Berlin
„One Year Japan“ miss hecker, Berlin

Group Exhibitions

"Human Frames" the substation/Singapore, KIT/Düsseldorf
"Paivascapes #1" Vila Nova do Paiva/Portugal

“Grenzen - Neukoellnimport“ Tacheles, Berlin
„Fushigi na basho – la place mystérieuse – Japan tour“ with Mademoiselle Cinema, Nishikawa Ai Plaza/Okayama, Pomplaza/Fukuoka
„Iiko waruiko komoriuta“ with Mademoiselle Cinema, Session House, Tokyo
Home Sweet Home Festival, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin
„Weltbürger - 650 Jahre Neukölln“ Galerie Saalbau, Berlin
„New Pioneers“ Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo
„Asian Cross-Cultural Festival 2010“ Brussels
„Tapetenwechsel“ Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop. Ahrenshoop

“International Art Exhibition Neukoellnimport“ Coaching Culture Gallery / Alte Kindl-Brauerei, Berlin
„Marché d'art contemporain du Marin“ Centre Culturel du Marin, Le Marin, Martinique
„Fushigi na basho – la place mystérieuse“ with Mademoiselle Cinema, Odeon Theater/Vienna, NAFTA/Sofia
„InterART City 2009“ Salle Anneessens, Brüssel
EXPERIMENTAL 3, Ciné Nouveau, Osaka
Salon Qi, Berlin
„100sai kara no nikki“ with Mademoiselle Cinema and Tsumugine, Session House, Tokyo
„frombeetobee“, Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg
„body. space. time.“ Galerie station/Mousonturm, Frankfurt a.M.
„2. Ke-Hei Art Salon“ Hoftheater, Berlin
"Contemporary Flanerie: Reconfiguring Cities“ Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester/USA

Spread Videoart Project/SVP, Tokyo
Japan-Bulgaria Film Art Exhibition, Sofia/Bulgarien
„Fushigi na basho – la place mystérieuse“ with Mademoiselle Cinema, Session House, Tokyo, Ministry of Culture 63rd Art Festival
Ogaki Biennale 2008, Ogaki/Japan
„cityscape - landscape“, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin
„miss hecker urlaub" hinterconti, Hamburg
„Fushigi na basho – la place mystérieuse“ with Mademoiselle Cinema, Sibiu International Theater Festival, Sibiu/Romania
„Zensors Night“ 103studio, Berlin
Nippon Connection, Frankfurt
Asian Hot Shots Festival, Berlin

Amsterdam Film Experience Amsterdam, Netherlands
„Fushigi na basho – la place mystérieuse“ Japan tour with Mademoiselle Cinema, Tokyo, Iwakuni, Matsumoto
„miss hecker zu besuch im hinterconti“ hinterconti, Hamburg
„Das Wohnzimmer.Festival für urbane Kunst“, intercultural women center S.U.S.I., Berlin
„Euro Art Festival 2007“, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
NATFA (National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts), Sofia, Bulgaria
„Strassenzwerge“ miss hecker, Berlin

„kurz gesehen: Best of 2006” Lichtblick Kino, Berlin
„Weihnachtsausstellung 2006” miss hecker, Berlin
Okayama Filmfestival 2006, Okayama City Digital Museum, Okayama
„Fushigi na basho – la place mystérieuse“ with Mademoiselle Cinema, Session House, Tokyo, Ministry of Culture 61st Art Festival
„fragmented sequences“ with Hiroko Tanahashi, Lichtblick Kino, Berlin
„self protrait“ miss hecker at hinterconti, Hamburg
„Genjitsu shinkiro” with Mademoiselle Cinema, Session House, Tokyo
„IAMAS2006 Wanderer’s Engawa in the Era of Technocodes” Softopia, Ogaki

„Künstlerinnenprogramm” Arsenal, Berlin
„Kunst und Design“ DAAD, Tokyo
„Screen Fields” Session House, Tokyo
„Kyoto Media Art Week 2005” Goethe Institute, Studio KINO, Kyoto
„Open House 2005” IAMAS, Ogaki

„Borderline” Ladyfest 2004, Arsenal, Berlin

7. Black Nights Filmfestival, Goethe Institute, Tallinn/Estonia
„My Migrant Soul” Blickpilotin e.V., Berlin
49th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen


Aqua Ephemera (audiovisual project on water)
traveling time series (ongoing video project)
La place mystérieuse (video dance piece with Mademoiselle Cinema)
heimwärts (documentary film with Rita Bakacs and Graziella Tomasi)
Made in Europe (curation of a film series at Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin)

Mademoiselle Cinema:
Werkstatt der Kulturen:


Masayo Kajimura

Hobrechtstr. 31
12047 Berlin


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