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Stefan Annerel

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Upcoming exhibition :
"Questioning the canvas"
Stefan Annerel - Travis Boyer - Sarah Crowner - Luke Diiorio - Jim Lee
02/08 - 31/08
GEUKENS & DE VIL - Contemporary Art Gallery, Knokke
“From the days of my childhood, I remember this experiment: you repeated a word — e.g. chair or chimney — until it detached itself from its meaning. The word then no longer referred to its content: it had become a series of letters in a row, a meaningless item. One can experience the same feeling browsing through one of those glossy magazines in which the designer plays with a varied array of colour. Usually we quickly leaf through these magazines, but sometimes our attention is captured by a single page and we begin to ask ourselves questions. What is the foreground, what is background? What was printed first, what was printed over it? There is something illusory about both experiences. It is as if there is a moment when the brain rushes ahead of our sensory perception.

Stefan Annerel has made this phenomenon the subject of his paintings. At first sight, Annerel’s work is easy to read. It consists of attractive, glossy, abstract “canvases”, in which horizontally and vertically painted bands of varying width define areas in a multitude of colours: orange, turquoise and black, green, lime and white, red, orange and deep blue, purple and green... The canvases somehow resemble pieces of a chequered fabric, with a pattern that appears in all sorts of combinations and sizes. As he presents his paintings, Annerel often extends the coloured bands onto the walls, where they provide a visual support for the paintings that hang above, underneath, on or in-between. On looking closer, Annerel’s paintings themselves turn out to be illusory. What at first sight seems to be a two-dimensional area, may prove to consist of various superimposed layers; what seems to be painted, may be tape; what seems anchored in abstraction, is sometimes based on a figurative element.

Seeking inspiration in cheap fabrics and objects that are typical of the downmarket shops in the average shopping street-dishcloths in shamelessly swearing colours, the
red-white-blue or yellow-orange-green bags people so often use to carry their laundry to the laundrette-but also in the tritest images from magazines, Annerel carefully constructs his chequered patterns. On rare occasions he even uses these materials as support. On these he interweaves bands of colour and brightly coloured or brown tape. Sometimes the paint and tape appear as what they are, but at times the artist attempts to make one look like the other. He starts e.g. painting a lozenge; he finishes one part with tape in the same colour, suggests tape with paint or puts tape on the work, removes it and paints the resulting structure.

Annerel’s paintings are as it were “kits”, though the artist himself prefers to call them “models”: precise exercises to achieve a balance, finished off with a coating of synthetic resin. The work is decorative, but also daring. A tension results from the fact that the paintings are actually not properly finished. Sometimes the bands of colour are slanted or seem a bit short. The tape has been torn or cut carelessly. A dash of paint wilfully protrudes from the straight band of colour it belongs to. Sometimes the coating of synthetic resin is wrinkled. But most importantly: Annerel convincingly manages to combine low culture (cheap consumer goods) and high culture (paintings) and in that sense he creates a trompe l’oeil.”

Stefan Annerel

1970 born in Dendermonde, Belgium

Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium


HISK, Higher institute fot Fine Arts, Antwerp
HIBK, Higher Institute for Visial Arts( option painting), Sint- Lucas, Ghent

Solo Exhibitions

2004 Levend grijs
galerie c. de vos, Aalst (Belgium)

2006 Rakelings
galerie c. de vos, Aalst (Belgium)

2007 Parallax
galerie Smits, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2008 Duel
Stefan Annerel vs Bülent Evren
galerie Smits, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Actionfields, Brussels (Belgium)

2009 Tartans
Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)

The SOLO project, 09
Basel (Switzerland)

2010 Counterchange
Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)

Group Exhibitions

2007 Pushing the canvas
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen/De Garage, Mechelen (Belgium)
Participating artists included, a.o., Virginie Bailly, Stephan Balleux, CUM*, Ellen De Meutter, Stief Desmet, Stef Driesen, Kati Heck, Thomas Huyghe, Tom Liekens, Annick Lizein, Matthieu Ronsse, Helmut Stallaerts, Vadim Vosters, Cindy Wright.

Campo Santo, Ghent (Belgium)

Cultuurcentrum De Halle, Geel (Belgium)

Shops and public spaces, Kortrijk (Belgium)
Participating artists included, a.o., Leo Copers, Anton Cotteleer, Ronny Delrue, Wim Delvoye, Maen Florin, Peter Lagast, Charlotte Lybeer, Nadia Naveau, Johan Tahon, Philip Vandenberg, Bart Vandevijvere, Robin Vermeersch, Erich Weiss.

2008 Actionfields/Construction site I
Actionfields, Brussels (Belgium)
Participating artists included Joachim Devillé, Jan Verbruggen, Christian Noirfalise,
Romain Bailly, Tom Woestenborghs.

This house, this home
galerie c. de vos, Aalst (Belgium)
Participating artists included Ephameron, Tinka Pittoors and Jan van der Ploeg

De Canvascollectie
BOZAR, Brussels (Belgium)

NMBS depot, Kortrijk (Belgium)
Participating artists included, a.o., Deborah Spencer, John Bock, Sisley Xhafa,Berlinde De Bruyckere, Guy Mees, Choi Jong Hwa, Jan Fabre, Nicolas Floch, Marc Bijl,
DeRijcke/De Rooiy, An Veronica Jansens and Bertrand Gadenne

The Safe, Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)
Participating artists included Andrew Graves and John Phillips

2009 PULSE NY, 09
Booth Kusseneers Gallery, New York (USA)
Stefan Annerel vs Curtis Mann

Teasers & Pleasers
Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)
Participating artists included, Katharine Bernhardt, Eddy De Vos, David Goldbold, Andrew Graves, Curtis Mann, John Phillips, Bob and Roberta Smith, Wolfram Ullrich, Maarten Vanvolsem.

Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati (USA)
Participating artists included, Corey Baker, Jill Downen, Jessica Houston,
David Isenhour, Robert Lansden, Willard Lustenader, Robert Schefman, Sang-Mi Yoo, John Zurier

Richting Porseleinkast
Campo Santo, Ghent (Belgium)
Participating artists included, ao; Fred Michiels, Jo De Smedt, Bert De Geyter, Karel De Meester, Lieven Segers, Christine Clinckx, Wim De Waegeneer, Stijn Van Dorpe

2010 Paint
Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati (USA)
Participating artists included, ao Rob Anderson, Matthew Ballou,David Dorsey,Brett Eberhardt,June Glasson,Joshua Hagler,Jason John,Matt Klos,Daniel Nevins,Jessica Rebik,Elise Schweitzer,Sarupa Sidaarth, David Smith, Nathan Sullivan, Sunny Belliston Taylor, Jovan Karlo Villalba


Stefan Annerel

What You See Is Never What You Get: The Art of Deception
Jan Dirk Baetens
ISBN-13: 9789076732008
96 pages, illustrations in color, 24,5 × 30,7 cm, hardcover, Dutch/English
Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp, 2010


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