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Tamar Getter

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Long John Silver, 2006

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Tamar Getter

1953 born in Tel Aviv, Israel

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel


1975-79 Poetics and Comparative Literature studies (BA) at The Tel-Aviv University
1975-76 Art studies at the State Art Teaching Training College, Ramat Hasharon
1970-72 Studied Painting with the painter Raffi Lavie


2003 Prize to Encourage Creativity, Ministry of Culture of Israel
1995 The Sandberg Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1994 Minister of Science and the Arts Prize
1981 The Jacques O’Hana Prize for the Young Israeli Artist, Tel Aviv Museum

Solo Exhibitions

2004 “The Pendant”, Wall work, video, Pollak Gallery
Sling Shot Girl, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2003 “The Asiatic Company building 03”, Ein Harod Museum of Art
2001 “Go”, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999 “Fit to Stand the Gaze of Millions”, “Raskol”, “Twenty New Hooligans”, “Murder Story and Games”, Haifa Museum of Art
1994 “The ‘U’ in Gustave”, Ein Harod Museum of Art
1982 Israeli Pavilion, Art Biennale, Venice
1978 “Paintings 1977-1978”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Group Exhibitions

2006 "Hakafot", with Matan Daube and Barak Ravitz, Dvir Gallery
2005 “Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On”, Chelsea Art Museum, New York (curator: Manon Slome)


Tamar Getter

Nahum St. 11
63503 Tel Aviv

+972 3 6043003
+972 3 5444893


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