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Elyasaf Kowner

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ADD, 2005, Red tape over framed advertisement
Elyasaf Kowner is a flmmaker and a multidisciplinary artist working in video art, photography, graffiti and installation.

Elyasaf Kowner

1970 born in Haifa, Israel

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel


Grant for video art [Another Face], The New Foundation for Cinema, 2005
Grant from the Foreign Ministry Division for Cultural and Scienti?cTies,2004
Grant for an experimental ?lm[InmyHome],TheNewFoundationforCinema,2003
‘First Portrait’, a full year grant, Israel National Lottery, 2002
'Roslyn Lyons' support for catalogue, 2002
America Israel Cultural Foundation award, 2001
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Graduated with honors, 1999
Sandberg award for ‘After My Death’ Project, Bezalel Academy, 1999
Distinguished student at the visual communications department, Bezalel Academy, 1997

Solo Exhibitions

‘Learning Pain from Trees’, Herzliya museum [Curated by Dalia Levin], Herzliya, 2006
‘15’, Haifa Museum of Art [Curated by Ilana Tenenbaum], Haifa, 2005
‘I wandered relentlessly’, Hilchot Shchenim B, The Center for Digital Art, Holon, 2004
‘First Portrait’, Tel Aviv Museum [Curated by Varda Steinlauf], 2003
'In Great Condition', Miklatok Gallery [Curated by Dalia Bar-Amotz], Kibbutz Maabarot, 2003
'Car Portraits', Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, 2002
'Inner Light', Brauda Academy Gallery [Curated by Shlomi Schwarzberg], Carmiel, 2002
'Fragments', evening of video art screening, Herzliya museum [Curated by Boaz Arad], Herzliya, 2001
'Video Works', ‘Rosenfeld’ Gallery , Tel Aviv, 2001
'Elastic View Point' video-art show, Left Bank Cultural Center [Curated by Boaz Arad], Tel Aviv, 2000
'Checking up the Distance', the Royal Academy, The Hague, 1997
'Closed in a Box', 'The Krane' gallery, East Village, New York, 1993

Group Exhibitions



'The Trees Whisperer', Galia Yahav, Timeout Tel Aviv Magazine, 2006 'Culture' weekly events review, Vered David Levkovich, Channel 1, Israel, 2005
'Nowe Media - Nowa Sztuka' (WRO 05), 2nd Channel State T.V., Poland ,2005
'Decisive Moment', Guy El Hadif, Hazo?mJournal,HaifaUniversity,2005
'The Wandering Camera', Lior Keren, Kolbo newspaper, 2005
'Smile, You'll be Seen in the Museum', Eitan Buganim, 'Artist on the Fire', Nana website, 2005
'Trapped in the Gestures of the Day-To-Day', Ilana Tenenbaum, '15', Haifa Museum, 2005 ‘Bizz Circuits Play Intifada Offspring Vol. 1: Nishbar Li Ha‘, Michael Heumann , Stylus magazine, 2004
‘Neighbouring Tactics‘, A review of Hilchot Schenim, Nat Muller, Springerin Magazine, 2004
‘Elyasaf's Case’, Ilan Issac, ‘New on the net’, ynet, 2004
‘Israeli Young Art: Between Transgenerational &...’ Stephanie BenZaquen, ‘NccaKaliningrad’
‘Suddenly a Man Wakes Up’, Shahar Marcus, Tav Plus No. 2, 2003
‘Something Local’ Interview, Channel 10 news, 2003
‘In Great Condition’, The Green Paper, Haim Maor, 2003
‘Car Portraits’, Roni Eran, Maariv Daily, 2002
'Stencil Graf?ti'byTristanManco,Thames&Hudson,2002
‘Signs in the City’, Dana Gilerman, Haaretz Daily, 2001
Interview in ‘Art Attack’ TV show, program No. 10, 2001
'Return Atara', Kol Hair Newspaper, Jerusalem, 1997
'Night Art', Danny Ben-Israel, Yediot Newspaper, 1994
‘Writing on the wall’ (Night Art), The New York Times, 1994
‘On Fashion’, The Village Voice, New York, 1994
‘One Foot on the Sidewalk, Another in the Brain‘, David Lindsay, New York Press, 1994



Elyasaf Kowner



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