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Klaus Hu

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EUROPA oil on canvas 195 x 270 cm

© KLAUS HU & VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2016

The colored squares of EUROPA

Memory and matter. Site and territory. Identity and reflection. Political clashes and imbalances. Immigration and rising new nationalisms. Color field painting has not the intention to reflect on political issues, the same can be said about representational painting. Digital acceleration forces painting into a mere backdrop of decoration. Subjects, whether as reflection on the painting process, whether as philosophical or/and political reflection seem to be anachronistic in the fast pace of the market place. The squared territory. No media news cover currently, what is happening from its neighbors perspective within. EUROPA as a map is intended as a zone of free economic trade, without empathy of differences and imbalances. EUROPA as a mental map of memory and of its contemporary history simplifies the current situation. The Sublime as color on the canvas here refers in its duration to its own cause.

Die eingefärbten Gebiete von EUROPA

Gedächtnis und Materie. Ort und Territorium. Identität und Reflexion. Politische Auseinandersetzungen und Ungleichgewichte. Immigration und aufkommende neue Nationalismen. Farbfeldmalerei hat nicht die Absicht über politische Themen zu reflektieren. Das Gleiche kann auch über die gegenständliche Malerei gesagt werden. Digitale Beschleunigungskräfte zwingen die Malerei in eine bloße Kulisse der Dekoration. Themen, seien es Reflexionen über den Malprozess, seien es philosophische oder / und politische Reflexionen, scheinen im schnellen Lauf des Marktplatzes anachronistisch zu sein. Das geteilte Gebiet. Keine Medien Nachrichten berichten derzeit, was aus der Perspektive seiner Nachbarn geschieht. EUROPA als Karte, ist als Zone des freien Wirtschaftshandels geplant, ohne Empathie für die Unterschiede und Ungleichgewichte (ihrer Protagonisten). EUROPA als mentale Karte des Gedächtnisses und der Zeitgeschichte vereinfacht die gegenwärtige Situation. Das Erhabene als Farbe auf der Leinwand bezieht sich hier in seiner Dauer auf seine eigene Ursache.




INTERVIEW (with Brainard Carey at Yale University Radio)

Klaus Hu works with painting and photography that penetrate and complement each other, questioning representation and its cultural codes. While the digital archive counter acts as memory and as source for some of his compositions, the recent series "UNSETTLED LANDSCAPES" of 2013/14 is a real time investigation into the subject of "landscape" via photographic research and refined on the plane of the canvas. Usually working with subjects for a limited time-span, altering and questioning the painting process, his subjects and middle to large size paintings emphasize this contradiction of narrative representation and analytical de-construction.  

Invited for a SANTA FE ART INSTITUTE residency, Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO, USA in 2013 with the outcome of a photographic book: "NEW MEXICAN TRAVELS", 100 pages, 116 photos / and works in painting dealing with the conflicts of the North American Landscape of the South West.

He received a fellowship for photography from the Berlin Senate and took part in national and international site-specific competitions like MAXXI Rome, Sharjah Biennale and German Parliament (Marie Elisabeth Lüders competition).

For curatorial / research and conference participations he compiled: "BODIES DESIRES" in 2006 for ApexArt NY, "ON MAPS AND CARTOGRAPHIES" in 2010/12 for Berlin (not realized due to funding issues) and "ON SPACE AND NARRATIVE IDENTITY" for ISEA / Singapore 2008 as artist / paper presentation / funded by IFA/Stuttgart/Germany. p-review: or

most recent

2015 UNSETTLED LANDSCAPES, solo exhibition at SOMOS, Berlin, Germany.
interview with Brainard Carey at Yale University Radio

2013 Residency at SANTA FE ART INSTITUTE, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

2011 Exhibition at GERMAN PARLIAMENT, participation in site-specific competition. Germany.

2009 Participation in open call MAXXI, Rome, site-specific. Italy.
         Participation in open call, SHARJAH BIENNALE 2009, site-specific. UAE.

2008 Invited for ISEA SINGAPORE. Singapore.
        Presented lecture  SPACE AND NARRATIVE IDENTITY. Funded by IFA, Stuttgart.


4: MARS_SPIRIT 2009/12
5: NY 92/12



8th - 22nd of May 2015
at Somos Art Space Berlin
open times from Wednesday - Saturday 2 - 7 PM / 14 - 19 Uhr
or by appointment
Kottbusser Damm 95 / Berlin-Kreuzberg

Thursday, 14th of May / 8 PM / 20 Uhr

Wednesday, 20th of May / 7 PM / 19 Uhr

in conversation with: Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

new works by KLAUS HU / photography / painting
at Somos Art Space Berlin
8th - 22nd of May 2015
open: Wednesday - Friday 2 - 7 PM / 14 - 19 Uhr
Kottbusser Damm 95 / 1th floor / Berlin-Kreuzberg
metro / U-Bahn stop: Schönleinstr

Thursday, 14th of May at 8 pm / 20 Uhr: Artist Talk and Film Presentation -
Unsettled Landscapes.

Join us for an in-depth look at the research journey that led to Klaus Hu’s current work. Klaus’ keynote presentation in video format traces the narrative arc of research-based art practice such as his, through the Land Art movement of the 1970s and 1980s into contemporary land use debates in the North American Southwest and the many artists that have attempted to expose such unfair policies through their art. Additionally, Klaus Hu will present selected video works, made possible during his residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico, that explore these themes and expand upon them, connecting with our extraterrestrial exploration and potential colonization of other worlds such as Mars.

new works by Klaus Hu / photography / painting
on land-use and resources

Landscapes and conflicts of the North American South West.
Photographs are juxtaposed as b/w and digital prints with new paintings and charcoals, made possible while Klaus Hu had been on residence stay at Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico, USA. The landscape of the North American South West appears as vast space of visual language and of lived time. In painted translation, opposites merge into a symbiosis. Do I imagine landscape or does landscape reflect on me? Is landscape a romantic topic of escape, "inspired" by infinity or is it an ecological disaster? While landscape was subject to the will and spirit of the late baroque period in European tradition and degraded to geometric alignments of the nobility, the romantic period of the 19th century projected the "soul" of the author / artist on / into the canvas, and thus into / onto the real landscape. Sometimes landscape disappeared as a longing as in Caspar David Friedrichs paintings. At the beginning of the 20th Century modernity opens the bridge to non-European traditions, without examining in detail the various notions of landscape, the self, the projection, the ritual and transformation. Only the ignition of the first Atomic bomb in 1945 in New Mexico threw an image on the dichotomy of dissolution versus unity (of the self). The result was the counter-movement and the awakening of the 60's generation.  But everything vanished into a daydream. Another 40 years later, after several financial and ecological crises and disasters, the exploitation of resources by transnational corporations, wars of intervention, after 9/11, looking at "LANDSCAPE" is probably a marginal subject. While land-art of the 60's in America was dependent (and still is - see Michael Heizer) of immense production budgets of the Foundations, landscape submerged as backdrop into the popular context.




1963 born in Heidelberg / Germany, living and working in Berlin


2011 curatorial training at UdK Berlin; University of the Arts, Berlin

1998/99 guest study in cultural studies and multimedia at Katharina Sieverding,
UdK (University of the Arts), Berlin

1985/91 studies in stage design, photography, video,
UdK, (University of the Arts) Berlin at Achim Freyer & Marcel Odenbach

1982/83 studies in Anthropology, Germanic- and Romance language / literature
University Heidelberg

fellowships / prizes / residencies

2013 Santa Fe Art Institute Residency / New Mexico / USA / studio grant

1992 fellowship for photography, Senate of Berlin, catalogue,
group show at Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

1992 special merit award JVC video festival Tokyo for the animation "STAGEBOX"


2008 ISEA Singapore / conference / artist/paper presentation
funded by IFA / Stuttgart

2007 Mutamorphosis / Leonardo Forum Prague and Re-Place Berlin / participation


1988 assistance for Robert Wilson, stage design and directing

exhibitions / solo and groups

2015 UNSETTLED LANDSCAPES, Somos Arts, Berlin, solo exhibition

2015 FAKE, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, group exhibition

2013 OPEN STUDIOS at Santa Fe Art Institute,
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, group presentation

2011 KUNST_RAUM at German Parliament, (Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin)
presentation / exhibition of site-specific concepts (Kunst am Bau),
group exhibition

2011 DIFFERENT WORLDS at Skalitzer140, Berlin, group exhibition

2010 END OF SUMMER SHOW, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, group exhibition

fellowship of Berlin Senate, group exhibition, catalogue

1989 NEW WORKS, paintings, Gallery Deplana, Berlin, solo exhibition

participation in site-specific competitions


2009 SHARJAH BIENNALE, UAE, participation in open call

2009 MAXXI, Rome, participation in site-specific competition

2008 Celeste Kunstpreis Berlin, competition, participation, catalogue

2005 McCormick Freedom Museum, Chicago, competition

2005 PUBLIC ART FUND, competition, New York

2005 BUSAN BIENNAL, outdoor project, open call, Busan

2004 VENEZIA, site-specific competition per la realizzazione
di opera d ́arte nella nuova Citadella della giustizia

2003 Arriyadh housing competition, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

curatorial projects

2011 MAPS, research for an exhibition project for Berlin, not realized

2006 BODIES DESIRES, curatorial, for ApexArt NY

video screenings

2003 STILL RUN REMIX & NY PILOT, ART FORUM, Berlin, installation DVD

1991/98 video screenings at international media- and videofestivals:
Sao Paulo, Brazil, JVC Tokyo, Japan (special merit award),
Cinema Arsenal, Berlin, WRO Wroclaw, Poland,
EMAF Osnabrück, Germany, AVE Arnheim, Netherlands.

completed videos / films via

2015 UNSETTLED LANDSCAPES keynote, 35 min
keynote on land-use and resources of the North American South-West.
photos / texts / editing © Klaus Hu 2015
additional courtesy: Timothy O Sullivan courtesy Library of Congress
High Desert Test Site © Andrea Zittel
books © the writers / authors
research photos / re. uranium tailings courtesy Center For Land Use/CLUI
State of Mind, New California Conceptual Art ca 1970,
courtesy University of California Press, Berkeley Art Museum &
Pacific Film Archive

2013 / 15 NEW MEXICAN TRAVELS 6.30 min book presentation
photos / editing © Klaus Hu 2013/15
BANDELIER 4.25 min
site-visit of archeological site in New Mexico, USA near Los Alamos Labs.
photos / editing © Klaus Hu 2013/15
ACOMA 4.24 min site-visit of first nation reservation in New Mexico, USA
photos / editing © Klaus Hu 2013/15
site-visit of SPIRAL JETTY by Robert Smithson, 1969/70 at Salt Lake,
near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA , 2013
photos / editing © Klaus Hu 2013/15

2009 / 12 MARS_SPIRIT 5.18 min
a fictional reflection about the escapist landscape of Mars.
source images courtesy NASA / JPL Caltech.
voiceover: Christopher Johnson
text excerpt: by Peter Allen "2035"
editing © Klaus Hu 2013


1998/03 STILLRUNREMIX & NEW YORK PILOT, DVD, 90 min, installation

2001 IN SEARCH FOR J.D. video/installation, SVHS 16 min

1998 TRANSITION, SVHS, 128 min, Beta SP, pal, 8 min

1994 SENTO, 16 mm, Beta SP, pal, DVD, 7.10 min, short narrative

1992/9 P.E.N, Beta SP, pal, 11.40 min, 4 musicclips

1987/91 STILL RUN, DVD, pal, 63 min, DVD, compilation, 8 short works

1987 LA COURTe DUREE, U-matic, 58 min, exper. narrative

bibliography / books / p-reviews via:

2012/15..PAINTING 2006/15, BOOK,
hardcover, 88 pages, 78 photos, col, 8 1/2 "x 11", ltd ed 25

………….....hardcover, 60 pages / 33 photos / collectors edition of 5 + 1 AP

hardcover, 100 pages, 116 photos, limited edition of 25

hardcover, 84 pages, 51 photos, col, 8 1/2"x 11", limited edition of 25

………….....NY 92/12, BOOK,
hardcover, 74 pages, 100 photos, b / w & col, 8 1/2 "x 11", ltd ed 25

2010……...TRILOGY MARS DESERT BEACH, 3 booklets,

2008……...ISEA Singapore, conference proceeding,

2008.......CELESTE KUNSTPREIS BERLIN, catalogue

2001……...ARTISTSSPACE NY, onlinefile

1992……...JAHRESLABOR BERLIN, Berlinische





Klaus Hu

1963 born in Heidelberg, Germany

Lives and works in BERLIN, Germany


Klaus Hu

Wildenbruch 77
12045 Berlin
tel 49.(0)30.68081524
Skype: skypeklaushu

Represented by VG BILD-KUNST BONN / Germany.
Steuernummer 16/355/62802 nach § 19 Abs 1 UStG


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