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Klaus Hu

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EUROPA, 2010/15/16, oil on canvas 195 x 270 cm

© KLAUS HU & VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2016

The colored squares of EUROPA

Memory and matter. Site and territory. Identity and reflection. Political clashes and imbalances. Immigration and rising new nationalisms. Color field painting has not the intention to reflect on political issues, the same can be said about representational painting. Digital acceleration forces painting into a mere backdrop of decoration. Subjects, whether as reflection on the painting process, whether as philosophical or/and political reflection seem to be anachronistic in the fast pace of the market place. The squared territory. No media news cover currently, what is happening from its neighbors perspective within. EUROPA as a map is intended as a zone of free economic trade, without empathy of differences and imbalances. EUROPA as a mental map of memory and of its contemporary history simplifies the current situation. The Sublime as color on the canvas here refers in its duration to its own cause.




INTERVIEW (with Brainard Carey at Yale University Radio)

Klaus Hu works with painting and photography that penetrate and complement each other, questioning representation and its cultural codes. While the digital archive counter acts as memory and as source for some of his compositions, the recent series "UNSETTLED LANDSCAPES" of 2013/15 is a real time investigation into the subject of "landscape" via photographic research and refined on the plane of the canvas. Usually working with subjects for a limited time-span, altering and questioning the painting process, his subjects and middle to large size paintings emphasize this contradiction of narrative versus abstraction.

Invited for a SANTA FE ART INSTITUTE residency, Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO, USA in 2013 with the outcome of a photographic book: "NEW MEXICAN TRAVELS", 100 pages, 116 photos / and works in painting dealing with the conflicts of the North American Landscape of the South West.

He received a fellowship for photography from the Berlin Senate and took part in national and international site-specific competitions like MAXXI Rome, Sharjah Biennale and German Parliament (Marie Elisabeth Lüders competition).

For curatorial / research and conference participations he compiled: "BODIES DESIRES" in 2006 for ApexArt NY, "ON MAPS AND CARTOGRAPHIES" in 2010/12 for Berlin (not realized due to funding issues) and "ON SPACE AND NARRATIVE IDENTITY" for ISEA / Singapore 2008 as artist / paper presentation / funded by IFA/Stuttgart/Germany. p-review: or

Currently in his Studio:

STRIPES 2015/16, a series of new paintings challenges the historical and the digital archive as sources of citations and as different kinds of perception and discourse.

A KIND OF BLUE, 2016/17, refines one color as the main subject for narrative and abstract responses on daily / subjective and on geopolitical issues (work in progress).

most recent / selection of exhibitions / participations / publications

2015 UNSETTLED LANDSCAPES, solo exhibition at SOMOS, Berlin, Germany
interview with Brainard Carey at Yale University Radio

2013 Residency at SANTA FE ART INSTITUTE, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

2011 Exhibition at GERMAN PARLIAMENT, participation in site-specific competition, Germany

2009 Participation in open call MAXXI, Rome, site-specific, Italy
Participation in open call, SHARJAH BIENNALE 2009, site-specific, UAE

2008 Invited for ISEA SINGAPORE, Singapore
presented paper SPACE AND NARRATIVE IDENTITY, funded by IFA, Stuttgart



4: MARS_SPIRIT 2009/12
5: NY 92/12



Klaus Hu

1963 born in Heidelberg, Germany

Lives and works in BERLIN, Germany


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